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Funky in White - Underwater !  Pt 2 Funky in White - Underwater ! Pt 2Image Gallery

Posted 14th January 2014. 42 High Resolution Images.

Gosh, we have to go back to May last year to find Part One of this set, with those funky goggles that 'ttime' liked so much ;-) Let's see if he likes Part Two any better ? Certainly our vintage Bathing Cap fans will ! And our white one piece swimsuit fans too ! Not forgetting, (how could we) the many fans, the whole world over, of our simply 'drop dead gorgeous' Mermaid Elise !! Wearing just her funky 1950's white Suba-Seal bathing cap and a far more modern slinky white swimsuit, we think she looks totally amazing in this set of pictures. So much so that we have included FORTY TWO of them for your perusal and enjoyment this evening.
( Pic 7 we just had to include to show you that even a world class underwater supermodel still has her moments under the water ;-)

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