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Petticoat Pirates 2014 !  Pt 1 Petticoat Pirates 2014 ! Pt 1 Image Gallery

Posted 7th January 2014. 35 High Resolution Images.

We've visited this fun scenario a couple of times in the past and it has always gone down really well and so, putting her own 2014 dimension on things, may we once more present to you our "oh so scubaliscious" Mermaid Porchia, playing one of those amazing 1961 'Frog Girls' from that wonderful old classic UK comedy movie "Petticoat Pirates" ! Kitted out in an original 1960s ladies, smooth black neoprene beavertail jacket, a really cute and very rare early 1960's black Submarine Trident bathing cap, a super Mistral twin hose regulator, an oval mask and shiny black panty-hose, this is a must for all scuba nostalgia fans, even those who perhaps dream of fantasy 'Thunderball" girls ? I'm so sorry that it's still not "That Riviera Touch" I'm afraid subby, but I'm hoping you'll like it, all the same ? ( We will need a vintage female wetsuit with blue tape on for that one ! ;-)
Please enjoy and, if you do, let us know, as we have another 30+ super pictures for you, if you would like to see them ?

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