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He's Back ! Pt.1 He's Back ! Pt.1Image Gallery

Posted 4th January 2014. 34 High Resolution Images.

Well, it is Christmas time still. That time of the year when we get all of those wonderful old movie re-runs on TV and so, today's Gallery seemed perfectly apt. We haven't placed any of our beautiful young Aquawomen 'in peril' for quite some time have we and so, we were rather naughty I'm afraid and let our poor, gorgeous Mermaid Elise go swimming in that Black Lagoon again, without warning her ! She thought she would be quite safe, of course, because previously she has always been the one to frighten the life out of the other girls but, she hadn't bargained on just how devious we can be, especially me ! ;-) As the saying goes ...... she who laughs last ? ;-)
Please enjoy the fun y'all .

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