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Scuba Girl from the 1960's ? Scuba Girl from the 1960's ?Video

Posted 30th November 2013.

Shades of the Sixties perhaps ? OK, so the reg is a little too modern for that era but the super white petal swim cap, combined with a neoprene, zip fronted, one piece swimsuit and oval mask may well take Subby back there for a while ? Or rather to the images that he researched from a time some years before he was born, of course ? ;-) This is a nice little video for y'all but another from that shoot where we had technical probs with our underwater modeling light I'm afraid and so, sincere apologies once more for the lack of vibrance that we always like to bring you in our underwater imagery, especially Mermaid Elise's beautiful face inside of that oval mask. Hopefully though, you may find there are at least a couple of other prominent points that make the overall effect of this underwater video very pleasing ? ;-)
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