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Flower Power in Atlantis ! Pt. 2 Flower Power in Atlantis ! Pt. 2Image Gallery

Posted 20th November 2013. 35 High Resolution Images.

Well, Pt. 1 certainly seemed to go down well and so let's see about Pt. 2 ? Besides, it's so cold and miserable outside ( if you live in the Northern Hemisphere that is ) and so I thought we would bring y'all something a little bright and cheerful to try and cheer us all up ! It was right at the start of summer when we brought you the first part of this set and it certainly seemed to set off some fun and games in the Member's Comments area then and so, back in her bright yellow vintage Jantzen one piece bathing suit and her Flower Power swim cap, in can only be - Mermaid Elise, of course !

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