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A Sensational Underwater Beach Babe ! A Sensational Underwater Beach Babe !Image Gallery

Posted 13th November 2013. 36 High Resolution Images.

You're on the beach, or by the pool, gazing longingly at one of the most beautiful 'Beach Babes' you can remember seeing for a long time. And, being an Aquaphile your mind just cannot help but wondering - How well can she swim ? How long could she hold her breath ? Oh, if only I could see her underwater dressed just like that ? Well, guess what ? Thanks to the beautiful underwater photography of, combined with the extra-ordinary talents of our sensational Mermaid Elise - You can ! ;-) Not only that but, she is wearing her own latest 'retro' one piece swimsuit that she wanted to show y'all getting wet, on her, for the very first time.
You likey ?

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