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The Tracks of my Tyrs !  Pt. 1 The Tracks of my Tyrs ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 8th November 2013. 32 High Resolution Images.

Well, the water may not be very Smokey and her name certainly isn't Robinson but, underwater, she is certainly what could be described far more as a modern day Miracle, than a Clown ! (think about it ;-) Isn't it good to "mix and match' sometimes ? Even things that, on the surface, one might feel have no right to go together ? And even if we say so ourselves, we like to think we're quite good at it ? So, tonight, we take great pleasure in bringing you our highly seductive Mermaid Porchia wearing a super, figure hugging, high tech Tyr racing swimsuit, combined with a combination of modern and vintage scuba. The result ? Totally Scubaliscious, of course !

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