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Diving - A Mix of Old and New ! Diving - A Mix of Old and New !Video

Posted 5th November 2013.

It's been quite a while since we last brought you a scenario with our dear ol' vintage Aquabelle Diving Helmet and so, tonight, we thought we would do something a little different once again and feature our stunning Aquawoman Divemistress - Mermaid Elise, modelling it underwater for you, whilst also wearing her new, smooth black neoprene, hooded, beaver tail wetsuit jacket. And what a super combination all of these ingredients make- huh ? Over seven minutes of unique underwater fun for y'all once more.
We have to apologize guys, our underwater modeling light let us down on the shoot and so we lost the ability to light Elise's beautiful face properly, but we hope you agree that the clip is too good to have just thrown away ?
446 MB - MP4_1280p HD

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