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Mermaid Lisa

Badekappe Babes Badekappe BabesImage Gallery

Posted 3rd May 2007. 31 High Resolution Images.

Named in tribute to our many valued German and Austrian members, this Gallery features not one but two of our beautiful Aquawomen, wearing vintage rubber bathing caps with chin straps, that seem so popular amongst you and that we are often being asked for. First, Louisa swims for you, very sexily, wearing just her 1950's US Howland bathing caps and a tiny bikini thong, next our synchronised swimmer Lisa takes you back to those days when it was called 'Water Ballet' as she enjoys herself under the water, wearing a different style US Howland bathing cap, synchro nose clip and a black retro one-piece swimsuit.
Certainly one for all of the bathing cap and nose clip fans !

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Scuba Poledancer Scuba PoledancerImage Gallery

Posted 26th April 2007. 32 High Resolution Images.

After such a positive response to Lisa's Scuba Pole Dancing video, we're now really pleased to bring you the stills Gallery from the same session, for your further enjoyment. Our underwater camera crew are all still totally amazed at the extra-ordinary ability of this tall and stunningly attractive former synchronised swimmer as she took so naturally to scuba on her first time using it, to perform so beautifully for you all.

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Private Dancer - The Video Private Dancer - The VideoVideo

Posted 10th April 2007.

Take one beautiful, 6 foot tall, underwater model ......who just also happens to be an amazing professional pole dancer. Give her the ability to breathe underwater, using a long hose connected to the second stage of her vintage regulator. Add an Aquawomen underwater camera crew.....oh, and of course a pole ! And you have a unique experience in being able to enjoy Lisa, pole dancing underwater !

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Scuba Madonna Scuba MadonnaImage Gallery

Posted 29th March 2007. 30 High Resolution Images.

OK, so not actually the real one, but hopefully you will agree Lisa makes a very worthy underwater look-a-like ?
As promised, here is the second part of our session where our newest Mermaid Lisa takes her first ever scuba dive in the pool. This gallery should appeal more to those who love to see long flowing hair underwater and vintage twin hose breathing equipment. Apologies for leaving the 'beavertail' undone but Lisa is a very tall girl. Mind you.... that isn't the only part of her wet suit that she leaves undone !

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Lisa's First Dive Lisa's First DiveImage Gallery

Posted 19th March 2007. 31 High Resolution Images.

Diving with a black, rubber hood ? ....Or not ?
The first part of this two part gallery shows our newest Mermaid Lisa making her first ever scuba dive in the pool.
Seeing as she had been almost naked for most of the session beforehand, she enjoyed putting on a black smoothskin beavertail wet suit jacket and hood, along with a twin hose reg, mask and fins.
Part 2 will be shown next week, when she takes off her hood and, as she gets warmer, lets us peek right inside of her wet suit jacket !

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Private Dancer Pt.1 Private Dancer Pt.1Image Gallery

Posted 8th March 2007. 43 High Resolution Images.

We promised that we would always try and be original...... and offer you things that perhaps weren't seen too often on other sites ? So, Guys and Girls, welcome to the 'Aquawomen Underwater Nightclub' where we are proud to introduce, for your entertainment, our newest, highly talented and gorgeous Mermaid Lisa, as she Pole Dances for you ......entirely underwater!! To try and please all, some pictures show Lisa wearing a synchro nose clip and all others show her without.
A beautiful girl, with amazing underwater ability, this session was such fun to shoot, please sit back and enjoy ! And, whilst you do, please remember that you have additional Galleries and Video of her performing this way, on Scuba, still to come!!

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