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Mermaid Louisa

Badekappe Babes Badekappe BabesImage Gallery

Posted 3rd May 2007. 31 High Resolution Images.

Named in tribute to our many valued German and Austrian members, this Gallery features not one but two of our beautiful Aquawomen, wearing vintage rubber bathing caps with chin straps, that seem so popular amongst you and that we are often being asked for. First, Louisa swims for you, very sexily, wearing just her 1950's US Howland bathing caps and a tiny bikini thong, next our synchronised swimmer Lisa takes you back to those days when it was called 'Water Ballet' as she enjoys herself under the water, wearing a different style US Howland bathing cap, synchro nose clip and a black retro one-piece swimsuit.
Certainly one for all of the bathing cap and nose clip fans !

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Bathing Cap Bubbles Bathing Cap BubblesImage Gallery

Posted 26th March 2007. 43 High Resolution Images.

There's no doubt about it...a head hugging, rubber bathing cap can certainly accentuate the beautiful features of a girl's face, whilst she is under the water ?
So, if you would like to see Louisa, practising her breath holding skills, whilst completely submerged underwater, wearing only a vintage, 1950's US Howland bathing cap, then this Gallery is just for you ! Even more if, like several of our members, you also have just a tiny fetish for synchronised swimming nose clips, also ?
A Bumper Gallery for all Bathing Cap and Breath Holding fetishists !

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Siren Louisa Siren LouisaImage Gallery

Posted 19th March 2007. 23 High Resolution Images.

Sometimes it's just nice to simply lay back in the warm water, almost naked... and relax ! What more can we say, join Louisa as she does just this, showing us all what a really beautiful and natural mermaid she is !

This is a smaller 'Bonus' gallery for all our members to enjoy as we apologise for being late with our 'Video update' and wanted to let you know that it will be with you very soon now, followed by another just a few days later ! AND they will be HOT, featuring topless scuba and in superb wide screen !

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Feeling Lucky? Feeling Lucky?Image Gallery

Posted 15th March 2007. 42 High Resolution Images.

One for the vintage scuba enthusiasts, but with a very different style of dive suit! Here we see our Frogwoman Louisa dressed to excite, wearing her full length fishnet bodystocking, along with a vintage twin hose regulator, dive mask and fins. At first, she also wears a vintage, Jantzen Diving Girl, black rubber bathing cap to keep her hair in control but, during the session, she removes this allowing her long dark hair to float wild and free !
You think you could handle her underwater ? She dares you to try !

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Speedo Scuba Speedo ScubaImage Gallery

Posted 5th March 2007. 31 High Resolution Images.

This gallery is in response to several requests we received asking to see a fully dressed Competitive Swim Girl also wearing scuba and under the water. So, here we see Louisa, wearing her blue Speedo Aquablade, high cut, one-piece racing swimsuit and swim cap, along with a Dive mask, fins and scuba bottle complete with a 1970's US Divers single hose regulator . A very interesting combination, for your enjoyment !

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Something Old, Something New Something Old, Something NewImage Gallery

Posted 25th February 2007. 27 High Resolution Images.

The first part of our Double Gallery Update today shows Louisa snorkelling in a modern mask, snorkel and fins, whilst wearing just a brief bikini bottom, along with a vintage yellow bathing cap dating from way back to the early 1940's.
An interesting blend of new and old swim gear beautifully portrayed entirely underwater, in Aquawomen style.

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Louisa's First Breath Holding Practise Louisa's First Breath Holding PractiseImage Gallery

Posted 21st February 2007. 30 High Resolution Images.

A Gallery for all of the Breath Holding fans, as we see Louisa, fully submerged and holding her breath...... as the seconds tick away. Watch as the bubbles slowly start to force themselves from her mouth whilst she struggles to stay under the water. Then, having surfaced to put on a synchro nose clip for all of those who like this particular feature......she does it all again ! A second part will follow soon, where she is also wearing a vintage, rubber bathing cap.

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Blue Speedo Aquablade Blue Speedo AquabladeImage Gallery

Posted 15th February 2007. 34 High Resolution Images.

It seems that, well toned, athletic, female competitive swimmers are very popular with large sections of the Aquaphile community ? Well, fortunately we have several of them within the 'Aquawomen' community.... and we always have a front row window seat reserved for you, looking directly into our pool! So sit back and enjoy Louisa as she swims right up to just the other side of the glass from you, wearing a blue Speedo Aquablade, competition swimsuit, swim cap and goggles and adding a synchro noseclip half way through the set, for all those who also find this so appealing.

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Fishnet Diver Fishnet DiverImage Gallery

Posted 8th February 2007. 41 High Resolution Images.

Certainly, all of our Aquawomen get lots of real 'hands on' training with a variety of different Dive gear, both vintage and modern, heavy duty and scuba. This Gallery is for all of the vintage full face mask fans that have written to us and requested an underwater shoot on this theme. In keeping with the vintage Draeger mask and twin set, our Mermaid Louisa puts on a 1950's US Howland bathing cap also, but on this occasion, instead of a rubber suit, we thought we would try something a little different? As always, please use the Forum here to let us know if you like it?

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Come Snorkeling ? Come Snorkeling ?Image Gallery

Posted 1st February 2007. 39 High Resolution Images.

Introducing our Mermaid Louisa, making her debut appearance to all members and her 'sure to be' new fans ! This Gallery is for all those who love to see a beautiful girl snorkeling freely and have waited patiently for this section on our website to 'open'. Like all good things, we think Louisa is definitely worth the wait...and there's lots more to come!

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