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Mermaid Vasilisa

Borensen's Dunking Babes ! Borensen's Dunking Babes !Image Gallery

Posted 12th May 2009. 20 High Resolution Images.

First of all, I must mention that this is a smaller set than usual because it is a Bonus set ! Your normal updates will be coming as usual this week and in addition to this one! We take the matter of image quality very seriously here at Aquawomen and always try hard to ensure you get the finest we can give you. Occasionally, a set of pictures does not meet our quality control standards and so these then get 'axed' and not placed on our website. This may be for a variety of different reasons. This is what we originally intended for all of the pictures on this set but, because we are aware this caused disappointment to several of our much valued members, we re-looked at them all and selected twenty that we felt it would be a shame just to 'bin'. We know that 'dunking' is a subject that many of you enjoy and so we thought you might like to have them instead, as a bonus from us ? So, please enjoy our captivating, red-hot Mermaids Vasilisa and Jenny, wearing black vintage one piece swimsuits and white bathing caps, as they dunk each other mercilessly in the pool !

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1950's - Fun at the Pool ! 1950's - Fun at the Pool !Video

Posted 27th March 2009.

Today's video is another look back in time for you. Imagine yourself at a local swimming pool in - say around 1957 ? Many of you love the swimwear fashion from that time and so we dressed Mermaids Jenny and Vasilisa in genuine classic black one piece swimsuits and white rubber bathing caps from those days and asked them to show us ( and you ) some dunking fun ! Post produced in black and white, for realism, we hope the results certainly give you a little fun too !
64 MB - Real HD

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Matching Swimsuits & Bathing Caps ! Matching Swimsuits & Bathing Caps !Image Gallery

Posted 21st March 2009. 36 High Resolution Images.

Definitely one for the vintage Bathing Cap and One Piece Bathing Suit Fraternity today, as we bring you not one, but two of our newest Aquawomen, having fun whilst swimming back in time, for your pleasure. The specialists will recognize and appreciate the genuine rubber bathing caps, as worn by women swimmers around fifty years ago, others may love to see the matching Esther Willams' classic 'sheath' one piece bathing suits ? But all will surely love to gaze at the underwater splendour of our mouthwatering, curvaceous Mermaid Jenny, along with the deliciously sultry, 'Garboesque' Mermaid Vasilisa, just taking some time to get to know each other ........ as Mermaids do !

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Desco Inferno ! Desco Inferno !Image Gallery

Posted 9th March 2009. 32 High Resolution Images.

After just one gallery, she's already a hit with y'all, so today we're really pleased to bring our stunning new, Anglo-Russian Mermaid Vasilisa back to your screens, displaying her diving skills to everyone once more, whilst wearing a 1950's Desco Full Face Mask that manages to show off her beautiful features underwater, so perfectly. Not the standard type of diving dress you might expect to see with it though, as Vasilisa chooses instead to wear one of her own super sexy PVC corsets, which certainly turns this set into a very different and delightful collection of underwater pictures ? The best Judge, of course, will be .........You ! ( That means you too - Tom ? :-)

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Introducing Mermaid Vasilisa ! Introducing Mermaid Vasilisa !Image Gallery

Posted 25th February 2009. 38 High Resolution Images.

Guess what ?
For tonight's update we bring you yet another amazing new Aquawoman to warm you up as we look forward to leaving winter behind us ! Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce you to our sensational new Mermaid Vasilisa ! Another gorgeous 'redhead' bringing those wonderful elements of fire and water together for you in an array of underwater erotica, combined with image quality, often attempted but seldom matched elsewhere on the web. For her first Gallery this statuesque, beautiful girl dives wearing an original Esther Williams' 1950's style one piece swimsuit and vintage scuba gear.....but how could we possibly cover up all of that wonderful free flowing long red hair ?

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