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Mermaid Ruby

Playtex and Latex ! Playtex and Latex !Image Gallery

Posted 9th September 2008. 32 High Resolution Images.

When uploading a new Gallery, we always try to think who it might appeal most to - and tonight we're thinking it certainly may please many ? First, of course, there are those who just love to see a beautiful girl underwater without a face mask or any breathing gear, then there are those who love figure hugging latex cat suits, then those who love vintage Playtex rubber swim caps from around the 1960's & 70's era, those who love to see bubbles escaping from a sexy submerged mouth...... and finally, those who are dedicated fans of our truly delicious and amazingly erotic Aquawoman Ruby ! Please enjoy as we bring you an enticing mixture of all the above, in a style that is Ruby's alone !

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'Underwater Latex Breath Holding !' 'Underwater Latex Breath Holding !'Image Gallery

Posted 19th August 2008. 38 High Resolution Images.

Oh my Goodness ! If you're into tight black latex, worn by a young Fetish Goddess - UNDERWATER ! Then tonight might be 'Just For You' ? It's well known that our stunning and bewitching Mermaid Ruby just LOVES to wear latex underwater so we thought we would take the opportunity to 'spice it up Aquaphile style' a little too ! We said to her, "your air supply has just run out, so can you act out the scene of what you think it would feel like please ?" The results are all there for you to see !! Dramatic breath holding, underwater in latex. Like the sound of that ?

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Mermaids Having Fun Video Mermaids Having Fun VideoVideo

Posted 10th August 2008.

You've seen the Stills Gallery - and if you think that was 'Hot' just wait until you see our two Amazing Aquawomen Ruby and Jessica, 'getting together' underwater in beautiful wide screen HD Video. Breathing from two surface supplies gives both of these stunnning young Mermaids the complete freedom to move and express themselves underwater entirely as they wish, for their own and of course your pleasure !
130MB - Real HD

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Mermaids Having Fun ! Mermaids Having Fun !Image Gallery

Posted 1st August 2008. 34 High Resolution Images.

You saw then together when totally enclosed in rubber dive gear and latex but now........Hold on tight ! This one should really appeal to many of you ? Especially those who love the site of two beautiful Aquawomen 'playing' together, whilst wearing very little......... and being deep under the water ! Please enjoy Mermaids Jessica and Ruby as they have fun exploring each other's wonderful young bodies in the kind of way that only a Mermaid can ! And, guess what ? Yes, there's a superb video coming very soon also !

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Breath Holding with Jessica and Ruby ! Breath Holding with Jessica and Ruby !Video

Posted 18th July 2008.

You sent the Image Gallery straight up the Aquawomen popularity list so tonight, as requested, we're pleased to bring you some wonderful HD video showing the same two gorgeous Mermaids who thrilled you then, namely Jessica and Ruby, as they hold their breath together on the bottom of our clear blue pool. Many of you certainly love to see our stunning young Mermaids underwater this way and we're always pleased to bring you such quality imagery to fulfil your wishes and your fantasies.
62MB - Real HD

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Latex and Lace !  -  Beware the Siren ! Latex and Lace ! - Beware the Siren !Image Gallery

Posted 18th July 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

Trying continually to keep as many members happy as possible each week, today we bring you something perhaps a little different once more, with a selection of extremely erotic underwater images of our newest and extremely seductive 'wild child' - Mermaid Ruby ! We have called the Gallery 'Latex and Lace' as these are two materials that this stunning young Aquawoman loves to wear and enjoyed very much the experience of doing so for the first time, on this occasion, underwater ! Something for the non scuba people here, with just a little inclusion of rubber on offer, by way of Ruby's own long black latex gloves !

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Breath Holding Contest ! Breath Holding Contest !Image Gallery

Posted 4th July 2008. 44 High Resolution Images.

As you know, we always like to train our new Mermaids in all of the many aspects of what they need to do here at Aquawomen. Certainly, one of the most important things is, of course, to be able to hold their breath for as long as possible on all non scuba related filming. This certainly seems to be a topic that many of you enjoy seeing too, so tonight we bring you a special 'Bumper Size Bonus Gallery', showing you not just one but TWO of our delectable, stunning young Mermaids, Jessica and Ruby in training together, for your pleasure ! 44 superb Hi Res images in total,featuring at least 20 of each of these beautiful girls as they compete against each other underwater to see who can hold their breath the longest !

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The Freediver and the Frogwoman - Underwater ! The Freediver and the Frogwoman - Underwater !Video

Posted 29th June 2008.

It was nearing the end of a long day's Aquawomen underwater shoot. After many hours of continuously being in and under the water, Mermaid Jessica was feeling just a little cold and so decided to slip into her all rubber Nokia ladies dry suit for one last dive, whereas our latest Mermaid, Ruby, was still enjoying the wonderful new sensations of swimming in her Aquawomen latex cat suit and hood. So, we gave them a free hand and said just go underwater and have some fun and ................they certainly did !!! This superb quality High Def underwater video may well appeal to those who love rubber Frogwomen or those who love beautiful women freediving in latex ? And for those who love both ...........enjoy !
160 MB - Real HD

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Ruby, Ruby, Rubber Ruby ! Ruby, Ruby, Rubber Ruby !Image Gallery

Posted 27th June 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

With apologies to the Kaiser Chiefs but hey ! ......... Please welcome yet another new and utterly stunning Aquawoman to the team, namely Mermaid Ruby !
Ruby's initial request, when enquiring about joining the Aquawomen team, was for the opportunity to wear and model Latex under the water ! So, it only seems right that for her introduction Gallery we bring her to you wearing the material that she loves, namely her Aquawoman latex cat suit, along with a fantastic new rubber hood and a great pair of real old, black rubber swim goggles ! Certainly, one for the latex and rubber fans, but please don't worry all you others, you will be seeing 'much more' of this incredible, seductive new Mermaid in the weeks to come !

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