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Mermaid Amber

Something Old, Something New ! Something Old, Something New !Image Gallery

Posted 7th February 2015. 34 High Resolution Images.

Like us, we're sure many of you are already missing our much loved Mermaid Hayley during her temporary absence. So how fortuitous it was to discover so many missing little treasures featuring the gorgeous Mermaid Amber, just recently. Scuba fans will be delighted, I'm sure, to enjoy just how fantastic she looks in this particular Gallery. Believe it or not, Part One of this beautiful scenario was posted for you Six and a Half years ago ! I can't say for sure whether the images have matured or not with age - but I certainly have ! Without more ado please enjoy Mermaid Amber "Skin Diving" once more, just for you !

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Memories Are Made Of This ! Memories Are Made Of This ! Image Gallery

Posted 21st January 2015. 40 High Resolution Images.

One of the super things about looking back through Images of our gorgeous and very special Aquawomen, over the last Eight years, was that we actually found a few super sets of pictures that we had never actually posted for you !!!!! We feel that it would be such a shame if you missed them and so, particularly for all of our scuba fans, we're bringing one of these sets to y'all tonight and it's a nice big one of Forty Images ! And so, please welcome back and enjoy our Scubaliscious Sultry Siren - Mermaid Amber, dressed in a way that I know many of y'all will LOVE ! Namely, in a vintage Beavertail smooth black neoprene wetsuit jacket, vintage oval dive mask and fins and a super old vintage Submarine Products Sea Lion twin hose regulator. This was a very brave girl who was trying to come back after a lousy hit and run driver badly broke her leg. Even with underwater camera technology three generations back for us, we feel that this beautiful girl will still melt the hearts of many here ?

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Amber in Neoprene ! Amber in Neoprene !Image Gallery

Posted 23rd August 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

A while ago, we featured Fiona wearing a super, neoprene 'Gul' one piece swimsuit. During a following underwater shoot Mermaid Amber remarked how much she liked this swimsuit too and asked if she could do an underwater shoot whilst wearing it also ? We already felt sure that this would be a popular piece of Aquawomen apparel and so we naturally replied - No Problem ! So, for your pleasure, we proudly bring you our sensuous, sultry Mermaid Amber - scuba diving in skimpy, sexy neoprene !

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'Electric' - Skin Diver ! 'Electric' - Skin Diver !Image Gallery

Posted 8th July 2008. 33 High Resolution Images.

Did you know that the word 'electric' is derived from the Greek word for 'Amber' ? Or that when amber is rubbed, it becomes charged with static electricity ? Well, certainly the word 'Electric' goes perfectly in any descriptive terms connected with our bewitching and seductive Mermaid Amber, as tonight, we bring you an Image Gallery update that once more epitomizes perfectly the phrase ' Skin Diving'.
As for 'rubbing things' ?....Well, I really dare not suggest ! :-)

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Amber - Vintage Scuba Babe ! Amber - Vintage Scuba Babe !Video

Posted 16th June 2008.


Something for the vintage scuba enthusiasts tonight as we ask you to welcome back our new Mermaid Amber with footage taken during her first visit to us where we introduced her to scuba for the first time. Tonight, she wears a 1960's smooth neoprene Spartan Beavertail wetsuit jacket, twin hose regulator and oval mask for your viewing pleasure. When viewing this video please understand the bravery of this young model coming back to the camera so soon after what has recently happened to her. The scars, along with the stiffness of her broken leg are clearly visible but we feel do not detract from the visuals of this stunning young Aquawomen as she strives once more to pick up her modeling career.
94 MB - Real

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Sexy , Sultry and Oh So Scubaliscious ! Sexy , Sultry and Oh So Scubaliscious !Image Gallery

Posted 11th June 2008. 40 High Resolution Images.

A short while ago you saw Fiona take her first scuba dive, this week please enjoy 40 High Resolution Images, ( Yes, that's right - 40 ! ) showing the second of our latest stunning Mermaids Amber, as she does the same for you. Only in a different outfit, of course ! In several 'Bond Girl' style underwater poses, wearing a modern sleeveless Typhoon wet suit, single hose reg. and stylish mask and fins, we feel this girl brings a special kind of beauty all of her own to the Aquawomen team. What do you think ?
("I think he got the point" - Thunderball 1965)

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Please Welcome  ' Mermaid Amber' ! Please Welcome ' Mermaid Amber' !Image Gallery

Posted 28th May 2008. 32 High Resolution Images.

Only just coming back into resuming her career after being knocked down by a cowardly 'hit and run' driver and left with a badly broken leg and several other injuries, please bid a warm welcome to the first of our newest, beautiful young Aquawomen - Mermaid Amber ! With gorgeous features, not unlike those of a young Bardot, we hope many of you will agree with us that her first ever underwater Photo Gallery really is something a little special ? No rubber, no scuba, no swim cap, no mask, no nose clip - no bikini top ! Just sheer underwater beauty from a brave and determined young lady !

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