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Mermaid Becky

Jantzen Diving Belle Jantzen Diving BelleImage Gallery

Posted 6th March 2008. 36 High Resolution Images.

The name inside Becky's vintage bathing cap certainly seemed a good title for tonight's update, which should certainly press a few of the right buttons for all of our many retro, chin strapped, rubber bathing cap enthusiasts ? These images, taken during her first ever underwater shoot, show our curvaceous Mermaid Becky completely at home and looking so amazingly natural whilst fully submerged and displaying all of her 'ample charms' for your viewing pleasure. An avid reader of our Forum and always so anxious to please, we know she would be thrilled to read your comments on her latest performance ?
A bumper gallery, lit and shot in the finest Aquawomen style.

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Becky Boo ! Becky Boo !Image Gallery

Posted 11th February 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

Our newest Mermaid Becky certainly made quite a hit in her first ever Aquawomen Gallery, with many of you immediately pleading to see 'more' of her voluptuous curves underwater, without the 'distractions' of any diving equipment. So tonight, we are really pleased and proud to be able to meet those requests, as we always try to do........ and bring you this sensuous and sultry beauty, totally submerged in the clear blue waters of the Aquawomen pool, once more. Pure Aquaphilia viewing pleasure!

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Aquawomen's Birthday - The Video ! Aquawomen's Birthday - The Video !Video

Posted 10th February 2008.

Take two beautiful Aquawomen, Elle and Becky, dress one in a short sleeved latex cat suit, a latex hood, single hose regulator, oval mask and fins. Dress the other in a shiny, pink, one piece 'special edition' Arena swimsuit, a vintage rubber bathing cap, a Mistral twin hose regulator, oval mask and fins. Let them submerge completely underwater to 'get to know each other' a little better....and what have you got ? Today's Video update ! Shot completely underwater, of course, with natural sound and in full 16 x 9 HDV.
106 MB Real

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A New Mermaid's Initiation ! A New Mermaid's Initiation !Image Gallery

Posted 29th January 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

Remember, we told you to watch out for 'what happened next', in our 'Bathing (Cap) Belles' Gallery ? Well......we made the mistake of asking Mermaid Elle to help our new Aquawoman Becky practise her breath holding ability ! Of course, being a Mermaid, Elle immediately took this as an invitation to perform an Aquawomen initiation ceremony and carry out some serious dunking on poor unsuspecting Becky ! For a short time Becky even managed to give Elle some of her own medicine but the wily mermaid tricked her into thinking she had passed out and then swiftly turned the tables back on Becky once more ! Due to the popularity of previous Galleries, we thought you might enjoy seeing this form of breath hold training, once more ?

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Wow ! - Underwater in a shiny black PVC Corset ! Wow ! - Underwater in a shiny black PVC Corset !Image Gallery

Posted 24th January 2008. 34 High Resolution Images.

After that last quick breath of air on the surface, we're straight back under the water for tonight's fantastic update featuring our stunning new Mermaid Becky ! As you may have noticed, the wardrobe dept. at Aquawomen has a very diverse and extensive collection of outfits and equipment for all of our girls and we're adding to it all the time ! Tonight, Becky squeezes her wonderful, voluptuous curves into a sexy shiny black PVC Corset before submerging beneath the surface for your pleasure, the only problem she has keeping them there !

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It's Our Birthday !! It's Our Birthday !!Image Gallery

Posted 18th January 2008. 40 High Resolution Images.

Hey, it's our 1st Birthday !
And Boy, do we have a super Bonus Gallery update for you tonight ! Let me start by telling you all of the ingredients..........Two beautiful young Aquawomen, Becky and Elle ! A twin hose regulator, a single hose regulator, oval masks, a bright shiny competition swimsuit, a latex catsuit with a front zip !, A vintage bathing cap, scuba tanks and fins ........ and all shot where we excel, UNDERWATER, of course ! This was actually Becky's first ever scuba experience, after only a very short in-house introduction. And what could be better than for it to be in the very capable hands of our ravishing Mermaid Elle ! (I'm sure she would be delighted if you let her know how you think she did ?)

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Bathing (Cap) Belles ! Bathing (Cap) Belles !Image Gallery

Posted 11th January 2008. 32 High Resolution Images.

Now, just in case all of our Bathing Cap fans are feeling a little neglected, tonight's update is just for you. In fact, it's a double bonus as there are two beautiful Aquawomen featured and they're both wearing vintage white rubber, chin strapped bathing caps ! AND if you like nose clips also, as I know many of you do....then it's a double, double bonus because they're both wearing them too. ( And the right way up to certain preferences, lol ). And we are pleased to be able to offer the exact styles and models as requested by one member also ! On entering the Aquawomen pool for the very first time, who best to 'take you in hand' than our stunning Mermaid Elle ? So, join her as she invites our delicious new Mermaid Becky to try out their bathing caps together, below the surface!
Look out soon, for what happens next ??

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Introducing Mermaid Becky ! Introducing Mermaid Becky !Image Gallery

Posted 8th January 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

It always gives us great pleasure to welcome a new Mermaid into the Aquawomen team and especially to introduce her to you all here! So, Ladies and Gentlemen, in her very first underwater Gallery (and in quite some one piece swimsuit !), we proudly invite you to meet our newest, stunning Mermaid, Becky ! Softly spoken and slightly nervous, Becky first dived into the deep Aquawomen pool only a few days ago for her first ever underwater shoot. Her lifelong swim skills immediately became apparent though and she left the water, a few hours later, a little tired but very much an 'Aquawoman' ! In between sessions, she even took her first lessons, with us and Mermaid Elle, in latex scuba diving! So, please give her a warm welcome, we have a feeling she will be watching tonight, especially the Forum ?

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